3rd Quarter Achievement Report

Dear team members,

I would like to thank all of you for the great work that you have done to pull your committees together, to write your annual plans, and to make WomenNC’s operation smooth in a such short period of three month!

The following is the highlights of our amazing achievements:

Advocacy program

  • To have a training session for C4C coalition members by having a conference call conducted by a professional person from LA. In July
  • Speaking at the HB2 press conference in Greenville in July
  • Meeting with Cora Mcfadden the city council member of Durham to introduce the CEDAW for Durham project in August
  • Presenting the formation of City Council for Women in Durham at the Council meeting in Augusts
  • Adding two more organizations to NC Coalition for CEDAW ( ActionNC and NOW Durham chapter to eight existing organizations in August
  • To have a show case at the Woman Club International Out each in September to introduce our programs to 150 people in September
  • To meet Margaret Broadwell the former Mayor of Morrisville to introduce Cities for CEDAW in August
  • To Meet the Greensboro Commission on Status of Women to introduce the Cities for CEDAW project at the Women Equality Day breakfast on 8/27. We have been invited to speak at one of their upcoming internal meeting to present Cities for CEDAW
  • To communicate with the Durham County Commission on Status of Women to sponsor our Feb event in Durham. We have been invited to speak at their October meeting.
  • To present Cities for CEDAW at Self Help credit union in Durham for about 50 participants.
  • To have regular Coalition meetings with our coalition members.
  • To participate at the Wake County task Force for Women Wage Gap project ( follow-up to our initial attempt to pass CEDAW in Wake County)
  • To be member of the planning committee of Durham Council for Women ( the plan has been submitted to the city attorney already)
  • To create a list of Durham based organizations to expand our coalition

NEXT STEP: Formation of Durham City Council for Women: the draft proposal has been submitted to the Durham City attorney and the planning committee is waiting to hear back from him.
Passage of CEDAW in Durham and probably in Durham County and Greensboro

CSW Fellowship

  • To edit, upload, and send out the CSW application announcement to the local universities
  • To create new university contact list (Duke, UNA, NCSU, St Augustin, Meredith, NCCU, and Shaw)
  • To recruit and train four mentors
  • To organize three information sessions at Duke ,NCSU and ,Meredith college for about 60 prospect applicants.
  • To have plan for the selection of the new fellows ( evaluation of applications, interview , and final selection)
  • To prepare 10 research topics with the related agencies and non profits in place
  • To finish the application process to select 8 qualified finalists
  • To have interview session for all the finalists on Sunday 10/1 at Meredith College.

Next Step: Following the CSW time line

PR Committee:

  • Biweekly eblasts and monthly news letter
  • Creation of tweeter and Linkeden account for WomenNC,
  • To update our Facebook pages
  • To create flyer for our fall event

Event Committee:

  • To book the venue for Fall event
  • To plan for logistics and program
  • To book MC and performer

Fund development committee:

  • To submit grant applications to Mary’s Pence and Fund for Southern communities
  • To get ready for individual donors approach
  • To work on long term strategies for securing our funding system

Admin Committee:

  • To create eventbrite for our Fall event
  • To work on the board members business cards

Finance committee:

  • To create budget for 2016-17
  • To transfer the finance system form Carla to Steve, our new treasurer
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