2017-18 CSW Fellowship News

New for this year! This year our CSW Fellows will be selected by our local partner colleges and universities. WomenNC is not accepting applications directly. Our main advocacy work this year will continue to be focused on cities in North Carolina to implement Cities for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. We join leading advocates across the world who believe that CEDAW is one of the most effective ways of putting in place a sustainable framework for securing – and holding cities accountable for – human rights for all women and girls. Currently, our efforts are focused on building on our success in Durham and then statewide.

In strong direct support of our CEDAW advocacy, our Fellows this year will be working with on-campus mentors to conduct gender analyses to help identify specific areas in local communities where the rights of women are lacking. They will present their findings to local government entities and join community groups in making the change happen. Our Fellows will continue to bring their findings to the Commission on Status of Women at the United Nations next March.

Thank you for your interest! Due to the structure of this year’s Fellowship, WomenNC is not accepting applications directly. Please keep tuned in for an announcement soon of our 2017-18 CSW Fellows.

If you would like to consider volunteering to help advocate for CEDAW, or serve on a committee or to otherwise join the work of WomenNC as a volunteer, please send us a short note letting us know what you’re interested in. Thanks for checking in!

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