WomenNC Honor Roll Dedication

WomenNC Honor Roll 

Welcome to WomenNC ‘s Honor Roll, an evolving opportunity to honor in a special woman who has impacted your life, such as your mother, a mentor, a special friend, or someone you admire!

Please find below our current Honor Roll listing!

Beth Dehghan honors RUTH R KLEMMER for her dedication for women human rights.
Lynne Mays honors ORA JEAN WILLIAMS
Anne Hicks, Lou Johanson, and Sheila Jones honor LOIS NIXON
Pamela Sinclair honors LUCY SINCLAIR
Diane Miller honors CHARLOTTE RAY
Jim & Bellinda Higgins honor ISABELLA HIGGINS
Adrienne Anderson honors her Mother LYNN ANDERSON
Sancha Polk honors ALEX POLK
The Reuben Family honors BARBARA & MARIE GARLOCK
he Ulrich Family honors LILA
Lois Nixon honors her Mother, DELORA N. KOHL,
and her Mother-in-Law, FRANCES S. NIXON
Elliott Nelson honors KELLY ISDAHL and MICHELLE NELSON
Edith Sylla honors CHARLOTTE W. WELLS
Beth Briggs honors BETH DEHGHAN
Susan Hodges honors RUTH WAGNON
Marie Garlock and Barbara’s mentees working for justice honor BARBARA GARLOCK
Sue Ellen Rosen honors (Grandmother & Great Aunts) the Seven KYLE Sisters
Alex Rosen honors his Mother, ADELE ROSEN . . .

For the opportunity to participate, print WomenNC’s Honor Roll Form and submit with your much-appreciated donation to WomenNC’s leadership development team.

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