WomenNC proudly announces its 2017-18 CSW Fellows!

We welcome as Fellows four Seniors from UNC-CH as Public Policy Capstone Fellows and one from Meredith College, a Senior in Mass Communication and Political Science. They will conduct gender analysis, and the results of their research will be presented to the Durham County Women’s Commission and assist them in recommending changes as part of Durham’s recent passing of its CEDAW resolution. The NC Coalition for CEDAW will also partner with our Fellows.

2018 Final Papers
Counteracting Gendered Impacts of Gentrification: Improving Affordable Housing Access for Women of Color in Durham County
Rebranding Feminism to the Rural Audience: How to Utilize the Message of the Women’s Movement in Southern Rural Communities

Allory Bors is a senior in Public Policy and Women’s and Gender studies, with a minor in Music. In the long term, Allory (they/them/their pronouns) hopes to focus their academic and professional career on reducing health and wealth disparities in marginalized communities. Their consulting and public health experience involves an internship project in which they formulated policy recommendations for the Chatham County food policy council, and an internship with Counter Tools, a nonprofit that provides software tools to clients seeking to understand tobacco use and marketing in their geographies. Allory is involved in gender based activism through their role on the executive board for UNC Siren, a magazine that advocates intersectional feminist politics on campus, and has participated in several violence-prevention trainings. They have qualitative research experience and are in the process of completing a senior honors thesis in the Women’s and Gender Studies department regarding the mental health impacts of minority stress on the LGBTQ community.

Cara Pugh is a senior Public Policy major with minors in Education and African American Studies. She has dedicated her efforts on campus and in the triangle area to working within government systems to promote equity for marginalized communities. This past summer Cara served as a Fellow for Forward Through Ferguson where she was charged with creating a visual map of the criminal justice system of St. Louis as well as authoring a 40-page qualitative report based on 15 interviews that she and a team of five other UNC students conducted. Cara serves as a Senior Advisor to the Student Body President where she has facilitated and planned multiple collaborative initiatives and helped write policy memos on behalf of the Student Government Executive Branch. An activist herself, Cara has a unique ability to engage other activists and administrators, which enhances her value for the storytelling of marginalized folks.

Joel Tinkler is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill working towards his Bachelor’s of Arts in both public policy and economics, with a minor in medical anthropology. During his time at Carolina, Joel has been involved in a number of research projects in both the Department of Education and the Department of Anthropology that have furthered his qualitative and quantitative analysis skills, which have their foundations in his coursework. Outside of the classroom, he has experience as a public health advocate and a health policy academic through his leading of multiple large-scale public health awareness campaigns and organizations at the University. In addition to breadth of research, data analysis, and leadership experience that he brings to the team, Joel is visually inclined and can refine the aesthetics of both papers and presentations.

Lauren Trushin is a senior and is double majoring in public policy and history with a minor in Asian studies. She has written multiple, large-scale research papers throughout her college career, including a paper about the intersection of Anti-Semitism and Civil Rights in the South and a paper comparing gender inequality and women’s political involvement in America and Guatemala. Lauren has worked as an intern for U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and spent the past summer interning at a law firm in Tokyo. Her primary skills are organization, writing concisely, editing written drafts, and formulating big-picture ideas while working on a project.

Caitlyn Grimes is a Senior double majoring in Political Science and Mass Communication. She has served as a fellow for Roy Cooper’s Campaign for Governor, an intern for U.S. Congressman David Price, and as a legal intern for a family law firm in Australia’s national capital. Caitlyn is currently working as an intern for the Press Office of Governor Roy Cooper. On campus, Caitlyn serves as the Chair of Review Board for Honor Council, President of the Communication Honors Society, Student Life Representative, and Staff Writer for Meredith College’s newspaper.  Caitlyn volunteers with YMCA Community Hope, an after-school literacy program for children in affordable housing communities. Caitlyn has an unwavering devotion for contributing to society and has the goal of pursuing advocacy work throughout her life, no matter how big or small the task. Caitlyn’s research will focus on “Rebranding Feminism to the Rural Audience,” in which she will analyze perceptions and reactions of rural communities towards women’s equality movements.  She will be formulating methods for promoting CEDAW initiatives throughout North Carolina.

Dr. Jennifer Hazen is supervising the UNC-CH Capstone Fellows. She received her BA in political science from the University of Michigan, and her MA and PhD in international relations from Georgetown University. Dr. Hazen possesses more than a decade of post-doctoral experience conducting policy-relevant studies that inform top decision makers. Her approach is based on the belief that good research is at the core of good policy, and that an understanding of real world dynamics is essential to developing effective strategic and programmatic responses to policy challenges. As their Capstone Project, the fellows will work together to conduct gender analysis in support of CEDAW and present their research locally and at the United Nations Commission on Status of Women this coming March.

The UNC-CH Fellows have chosen to research Gentrification and Displacement of Single Mothers in Durham. Their project will discuss gentrification and the disappearance of affordable housing as a women’s issue, in particular for low income women of color in the Durham community. According to the International Center for Research on Women, affordable housing is a women’s issue because poor women are “disproportionately unprotected by housing policy.” In Durham, women are most likely to head low income, single-parent households, making affordable housing an urgent concern for these families and the community at large.

Our Meredith fellow, Caitlyn, will be working under the academic supervision of Dr. David McLennan, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Meredith Poll. Dr. McLennan earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, and his research expertise includes: the impact of negative advertising on political attitudes, image restoration for politicians in trouble, and barriers to women’s electoral success.

We are delighted to welcome all of our new Fellows to WomenNC!

Special thanks to their highly talented on-campus academic supervisors for supporting their research and our joint goals. Fellows’ research will be posted on our website and we will announce additional opportunities to see our Fellows in action this academic year as WomenNC features their research in support of local efforts to implement and expand CEDAW. For more information, please contact Jackie Saber, WomenNC CSW Fellowship Chair, or Beth Dehghan, WomenNC Founder/President.

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