Our 2017 Fellows Zoe Willingham, Lauren Frey, and Cristy Villalobos

presented their research at the 61st UN CSW Conference: download the flyer!

Announcing our WomenNC 2016-17 CSW Student Fellows!

From L-R - Cristy Villalobos (Meredith), Cinthia Pecina (UNC-CH), Durham Mayor Pro Tempore Cora Cole McFadden, Lauren Frey (NCSU), Zoe Willingham (Duke), Beth Dehghan (WomenNC Founder/President)

Cities for CEDAW is a nationwide, grassroots effort to encourage local governments to become more gender equitable.

CEDAW ordinances require cities to evaluate their programs and budgets and ensure they affect men and women equitably.

WomenNC Leadership Video

Check out the video highlighting the leadership and advocacy work of our organization!

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A local North Carolina 501c(3) non-profit.