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Among the programs we are most proud, WomenNC is our prestigious “Local to Global to Local” scholarship: a leadership training program that works with college and university students to conduct research on the status of women in North Carolina, formulate policy solutions, and advocate for them in front of change makers.
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Our vision is to create a world free of gender discrimination.

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Our work begins with understanding gender disparities, then formulating solutions to overcome them, and finally, advocating for change. WomenNC scholars call out inequality and injustice wherever they see it. Help us create enduring equality for women and girls in North Carolina... and across the globe by donating now!
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This Month's Featured Scholars

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Rosie Tran

Menstruation, Stigma, & Reproductive Health Education in North Carolina

There is no state-wide sex education curriculum to which school systems in North Carolina must adhere. Reproductive health education programs are only required to teach students information that has been considered “factually accurate or pathological information” related to the human reproductive system. Many curricula used in the state do not discuss the stigma or the many psycho-social aspects of menstruation for young girls. Not only is there a lack of depth to the curriculum as it stands, but parents can also opt their child out of the classes. This lack of focus on menstruation is a manner that stigma is produced and reproduced,impacting the self-esteem, academic achievement, health, and dignity of menstruating young girls and adolescents.

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