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Preparing the next generation of leaders in North Carolina.

A newly named initative, but always a part of WomenNC's programming and mission, our community education work centers around bringing the work and insights of experts to the attention of our constituency.
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About the Program

These professionals include our scholars, who present their work on instances of gender disparity in North Carolina at the Local to Global Forum and advocate in front of a variety of change-makers for policy solutions to the gender disparities they have examined. Our efforts have also included informing our global colleagues about the issues specific to North Carolina and how we intend to improve the status quo.

More recently, the global pandemic has allowed our organization to consider (for us) new ways of communicating the work in which we engage and brining even more vital information and resources to bear on the myriad problems at hand. Sponsoring a series of Lunch ‘n’ Learn webinars on our Facebook page over Zoom has allowed us to gather experts in a variety of fields of particular interest to women. In these short sessions, we provide an overview of the issue with an expert in the field. We invite expert panelists who add to this knowledge base and engage with each other in dialogue.

We also always include a call to action with specific ways in which our viewers can act to improve the situation. And finally, we take questions from the audience—all while our viewers are taking a break from their day and learning about issues that are of and do concern them. Take a look at some of our webinars on our YouTube Chanel. They include discussion about sex trafficking in North Carolina, the possibility for passage of the ERA in the state, and sex trafficking.

When we sponsor in-person events again, we hope to gain a larger and different constituency for these community education events that will take place in local settings all the while continuing with our virtual events that allow us not only to reach those who might not be able to attend a live occasion, but also permit us to include a wide variety of geographically diffuse panelists.

The point of all of our efforts in this arena is to serve as a vehicle for informing the public about issues that affect women and girls by bringing together experts and champions and then underscoring both the need as well as the means and methods for continued activism and advocacy on  their behalf.

With our programming that brings experts in the field in content areas of specific interest to women, including sexual assault, human trafficking, the status of the Equal Right Amendment, and voting access to our constituency to help them understand the need for continued activism and advocacy on behalf of women and girls.

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Our work begins with understanding gender disparities, then formulating solutions to overcome them, and finally, advocating for change. WomenNC scholars call out inequality and injustice wherever they see it. Help us create enduring equality for women and girls in North Carolina... and across the globe by donating now!
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