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2021 Year Recap!

January 2, 2022

Over the course of 2021, WomenNC has done A LOT. Let's take a look at some of the highlights from this year!

Leading Critical Conversations

Beginning in January 2021, WomenNC implemented a series of community events, aimed at educating North Carolinians on issues of deep concern to women and girls and empowering them to take action to improve that status quo. These “Critical Conversations” are virtual live events on our Facebook page, round-table discussions with change leaders and experts that provide our audience with pertinent information on specific topics and resources for further education and advocacy.  

Topics have included:

The Equal Rights Amendment in North Carolina

Joined with ERA-NC Alliance Co-President Lori Bunton; Former NC Senator Terry Van Duyn; NC Senator Natalie Murdock; and NC Housing Coalition Director of Organizing Adrienne Spinner.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Resources in the Pandemic

Joined with NCCASA Rural Sexual Assault Specialist, Leah Poole; Advocate at Family Services of the Piedmont, Daisy Schoen; and The Movement Peer Educator at NC State, Priyanka Kallem.

Sex Trafficking in North Carolina

Joined with NCCASA, Anti-Human Trafficking Specialist, Courtney Dunkerton; Director of Human Trafficking Programs for NC Council for Women and Youth Involvement, Kiricka Yarbough Smith; Coordinator of Training and Technical Assistance at North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission, Nancy E. Hagan; Consultant for North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault and NCCAHT’s Survivor Network, Latiana Appleberry.

LGBTQ+ Healthcare Access

Joined with NC House Representative Vernetta Alston; Healthcare Outreach Initiative Manager at PFLAG Charlotte, Kelly Leech; Director at Movement Advancement Project, Naomi Goldberg; Harvard Payne Fellow and WomenNC Scholar, Naila Segule.

These Critical Conversations can be accessed on our YouTubeChanel here.

Raising Up Change Creators

WomenNC Scholars have always challenged the status quo in their work exploring gender disparities in local NC communities and developing public policy solutions to improve the lives of women and girls. They are the core of the Leadership Training Program that prepares undergraduate women to be change-makers.  

The 2021-22 scholars are working hard on their research under the direction of “femtors” from RTI International’s Global Gender Center. This year, our scholars are working to address these pressing issues for women and girls in North Carolina:

How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected:

  • Childcare access in Durham and its impact on maternal employment, earnings career prospects, and well-being outcomes;
  • Housing insecurity for women on color, particularly Black single mothers, in Durham
  • Durham women’s access to high-quality affordable reproductive healthcare services

In what ways have the Wake County Public School System’s policies around sexual and reproductive health a barrier are a barrier to young women’s empowerment

How to expand sustainable consumption patterns in Durham to include all genders.

WomenNC scholars not only research and develop action plans to change the status quo, they have been busy advocating for change in front of a variety of audiences to “get the word out.” Over the last year scholars have:

Fighting for Equality

WomenNC staff and Board always look for opportunities to educate and empower folks about gender inequalities. We also like to target new audiences to let more North Carolinians know how they can support our efforts to create a more equitable world.  

Two such efforts this past year include the Rally for Women’s (In)Equality Day where our Executive Director, Maria Murray Riemann, gave a powerful speech about the continued need for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), a testament to how far we women have come and how much further we need to go. Watch it here.  

We also spoke at “Working Women's Wednesday” at the Women's Resource Center in Alamance County, inviting advocates for gender equality in this county to join in our efforts. You can watch the event here–it a primer on our work!

Getting the Word Out: Social Media and Our New Website

We know that is it not just WHAT we do that matters, but HOW we tell our story to engage supporters and move our mission forward, creating a world free of gender discrimination.  

  • Have you seen our newly designed website?

You can find out more about our programs and use our searchable database to find out what WomenNC scholars have been up to–for the last 12 years!

Check out our work, learn about gender justice warriors in North Carolina and keep up to date on the latest news affecting women globally, nationally, and locally. We provide astonishing statistics and facts about gender inequalities and link you to the source.

How you can support WomenNC

In 2021 WomenNC launched our apparel store and Redbubble stickers with the help of our partners at the nonprofit General Services Foundation. Purchase a t-shirt or some stickers and show your support for our work. Click above to shop!

Follow us, like our social posts, tell others about us–in the virtual or real world

Or simply donate to WomenNC on our website or use Venmo for your donation (@WomenNC).

Even more to come in 2022…

Join us for our next “Critical Conversation” on Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Access in North Carolina, Wednesday, January 19th at noon here on the week leading up to the 49th anniversary of the Supreme Cout’s landmark Roe v Wade decision.

In March 2022, WomenNC will host and scholars will participate in two parallel events at CSW 66, “Young Professionals Tackle Gendered Health Disparities” and “The Building Blocks of Women’s Economic Empowerment.”  Stay tuned for the exact date and time for these for now all-virtual events open to all.

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