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Thank You to Dr. Wendee Wechsberg, Board President: Farewell, but not Goodbye!

September 15, 2022

The Board and staff of WomenNC thanks Dr. Wendee Wechsberg for her dedication to WomenNC as Board President. Dr. Wendee began her Board service in 2018 and was BoardPresident from July 2020-June 2022.  

While her time as a fiduciary at WomenNC is over, WomenNC is not saying goodbye to Dr. Wendee! She is dedicated to the project of gender equity and committed totraining the next generation of women leaders from a place of fact and knowledge.  In service to these goals, shehas reinvigorated WomenNC's Advisory Board andserves as its chair. Its purpose is to provide high-level strategic guidance to the Board of Directors and staff on an as-needed basis and to serve as means for broadening the organization’s reach to potential partners and supporters.  “We have recruited fierce gender equity advocatesto this advisory board who will provide tangible support to Women NC, help usexpand our geographic footprint, and magnify our impact,” she noted.

Amongthe most notable accomplishments of Dr. Wendee’s tenure on the Board is her orchestration of the critical relationship between RTI’s Global Gender Center andWomenNC. Affiliates of the Center serve scholars in our leadership training program as “femtors,” guiding them in their projects that identify and then examineinstances of gender disparity in particular North Carolina communities and then formulating short-term  public policy solutions to improve the status quo. They provide a one-on-one mentor ingrelationship that allows scholars to develop their research and leadership skills.  

An accomplished researcher, scholar, and leading proponent of women’s rights and access to the full scope of women’s healthcare needs in the U.S. and abroad, especially for key populations, Dr. Wendee’s is a committed gender equity advocate.  For a more complete understanding of her work,see her brief bio here.

Thank you, Dr. Wendee, for all you have done and continue to do for WomenNC!

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