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In Case You Missed It - Critical Conversations: Substance Use through a Gender Lens

May 2, 2022

Tune in for WomenNC's 2nd Lunch 'n' Learn of 2022 - Critical Conversations: Substance Use through a Gender Lens!  

Learn about the stigma, the research, and the action amazing organizations are taking to support the women of your community!

Speakers include:

Moderator: Tamara Terry - WomenNC Vice President of Board of Directors & Research Survey Scientist at RTI International

Melissa Godwin - Clinical Associate Professor, UNC Chapel Hill, NC Pregnancy and Opioid Exposure Project

Felicia Browne - Senior Research Social Epidemiologist, RTI’s Substance Use, Gender and Applied Research Program

Leslianne Davis - SAIOP Engagement & Transition Specialist at SouthLight Healthcare

Essence Hairston - Program Manager, UNC Horizons Program in Wake County

Brittany Johnson - Clinician for Concord MAT Program at McLeod Addictive Disease Center

From the Panelists: A Call to Action

  1. Educate and discuss safekeeping practices and opportunities for treatment to occur
  2. Identify perinatal and maternal SUD programs in the state that can the meet the needs of women and children 
  3. Advocate for additional perinatal and maternal SUD programs in the state and understand how to refer individuals and their families 
  4. Engage in stigma-free language 
  5. Increase understanding and awareness of alcohol exposure in pregnancy and the prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.
  6. Advocate for expansion in Diversion & ReEntry programs
  7. Attend an al-anon meeting 
  8. Educate yourself about perinatal substance use and safekeeping practices
  9. Utilize sigma-free language (see link below)
  10. Advocate for perinatal and maternal treatment programs
  11. Advocate for family drug treatment courts in your county to help keep families together and out of correctional settings 



North Carolina Pregnancy and Opioid Exposure Project

CDC Women and Alcohol Fact Sheet 

Words Matter - Terms to Use and Avoid When Talking About Addiction

Addictionary(to use non stigmatized language) 

Ted Talk by Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

Access to Services: 

Proof Alliance NC, The North Carolina Fetal Alcohol Prevention Program

Access to Services at UNC Horizons Wake County

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