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NC Notable Woman: Dreama Caldwell

September 18, 2023

Dreama Caldwell is one of the Executive co-directors of Down Home, NC. Down Home NC is Caldwell’s political home. Before being in leadership, Caldwell was a member. Down Home NC works to support communities in rural and multiracial areas. 

Caldwell stands for equitable, fair, and just treatment of all people, especially marginalized and disadvantaged groups. She believes that all lives can truly only matter when Black and Brown lives matter.

Down Home NC is wrapping up issue-based local campaigns in its county chapters. These campaigns built power and won improvements in the lives of its members and neighbors, such as doubling funding for a rental eviction program, getting a forgotten park revitalized, and advocating for fully funded school and school supplies.  

Down Home NC has several women in our membership who have expressed their interest in running for a local office in the future.  Down Home NC  provides training opportunities for these women to help them make their goals more attainable.  They also organize around public schools helping parents and guardians organize across the state to push back on attacks on public schools and on book bans. 

Read more about Caldwell’s work with Down Home NC at

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