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Notable NC Woman: Krystal George

October 18, 2022

Notable NC Woman

Krystal George

This October we are featuring Krystal George as a Notable North Carolina Woman! She is the Director of the Duke University Women's Center​. She considers herself to be an authentic leader and her personal and professional values are respect, justice, equity, trust, and honesty. She believes that being a Black woman and growing up in North Carolina influenced these values. Currently, these values impact the work she does for students.

The Women's Center has been in existence for 33 years at Duke University. This year, it has been in a state of transition, for the better. They have relocated back to West Campus and the heart of the University. Her goal for the year has been to re-engage students and bring gender equity to the forefront. Like many organizations, the Center took an impact from Covid-19 as far as participation. This semester Krystal has been working to gain back what they had pre-pandemic.

The Women's Center is in full swing into the Fall semester and planning for the Spring. They have signature events and regular programming that they hold for students throughout the year. Recently they hosted BeatBreast Cancer! - An awareness event that they collaborated on with Student Wellness. In November they will host the Black Fem Dinner in collaboration with the Mary Lou Williams Dinner to fellowship with our Black female-identified students. The Spring will be busy for them since March is Women's Herstory Month (WHM). Their Reproductive Justice Student Symposium and WomC Award Ceremony will both take place during WHM.

The Duke Women's Center's mission is to promote a campus that supports, celebrates, engages, and collaborates with women, student groups, and stakeholders to build a Duke culture that centers on gender equity, intersectionality, and social justice.

This translates into providing a comfortable gathering place for women students and allies with diverse needs and interests at Duke. The Women's Center also works to educate the Duke community about gender equity and the ways in which gender intersects with other identities, interacts with systems, and influences our experiences. Lastly, the center develops women leaders by building skills that will prepare them for life and empowering them to thrive in their efforts toward personal, academic, and career success!

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