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Notable NC Woman: Iliana Santillan

July 13, 2022

Notable NC Woman: Iliana Santillan

WomenNC is excited to feature Iliana Santillan as a Notable NC Woman! She is Executive Director of El Pueblo, Inc. and La Fuerza NC!
Iliana takes a stand for everyone in her community: children, women, LGBTQ folks, immigrants, and people of color. She says "in an ideal world, we would all live with dignity and respect. I hope that someday we can move beyond surviving and actually start to thrive."
Iliana is currently preparing for “Get out the Vote” season. She wants to ensure that all voices are heard at the ballot box. Some of the most important issues she and her organizations are working on include reproductive justice/abortion access, ensuring that ICE is not separating families, LGBTQ rights/protections, health equity, and education. One of El Pueblo’s most effective programs, the Community Leadership and Action Council, empowers immigrant women with knowledge and skills to become leaders within their communities. They work currently with 13 women who are becoming just that by directing vaccine drives and organizing voter registration canvasses in their neighborhoods.
They also have a fellowship program that focuses on youth in high school and college to provide them with opportunities to sharpen their leadership and advocacy skills  so that they too can improve their communities.

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